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  • St John's Opens for Private Prayers


    CHURCHES in Marlborough are now open for private prayer. 

    They are St Mary’s, Marlborough, St George’s, Preshute and our own St John the Baptist, Minal.

    Social distancing signs are up to guide people. More than 200 people have taken part in online services over 12 weeks.

    The doors will be wedged open and people are encouraged to leave a marker where they have sat so that others can avoid those seats, which will be cleaned at the end of the day.

    "The churches are some of the oldest buildings in Marlborough and for us reopening them is part of the whole town coming back to life," said Rev Chris Smith, rector of Marlborough.





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Mildenhall, Wiltshire - Our Community Website

Our ancient village of Mildenhall is located in the Kennet valley, two miles east of the beautiful market town of Marlborough.   We villagers, and everyone who knows the village, call it Minal; so be aware when asking directions!  We are a population of around 450 and our village is easily found on the east-west road that links Marlborough with Ramsbury.

Mildenhall is served by the much acclaimed Norman church of St John the Baptist, which was highly praised by the poet Sir John Betjeman, a village pub - the Horseshoe Inn - as well as a well equipped village hall which is used by many local interest groups. We also have a sports field with a pavillion, a camping site, a children’s nursery as well as an exciting children’s playground. But like most villages in lockdown, all our amenities and activities are currently suspended until this dreadful virus finally leaves us to enjoy our comunity life again.

Explore our website, which serves the community and also promotes the activities of both our church of St John the Baptist and the Mildenhall Parish Council, and you’ll see why we are so proud of our village and its history.