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Parish Council budget for 2019-20

It is the time of year when the Parish Council look at their budget for the next financial year, and how much the grant or precept from Wiltshire Council should be.  This sum is divided among the residents and is the amount that you see on your Council Tax annual bill.

Most of the parish council costs go on keeping the village well kept - such as having the paths kept clear, the central grass areas mown, litter collected, and the playgound maintained.  But the council also supports one off projects that they think benefit the village.  These include things like setting up the new village website, or installing the speed detectors.   

If you have any suggestions or ideas about things to improve the facilities or appearance of the parish (which includes Mildenhall and Stitchcombe) or projects that you would like to take on to benefit the parish that might need some financial support from the Council, then please let the Parish Clerk know.  They are keen to receive suggestions and ideas but please bear in mind that public finances are still stretched so they need to be sensible and achieveable. The budgets have to be prepared by December, so please email the Parish Clerk Sue Hine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view by Friday 30 November.


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