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Home deliveries for the housebound

Milk and bread can be accessed locally for those who need to restrict their shopping for basics.  Tom Parker is providing milk and cream from his pop up shop up at the top of Greenway Road.  

While I recently stopped and chatted to the local delivery lady from Marshall's bakery in Pewsey who regularly deliver phone orders to the Minal area for their bread and cakes.  She also carries in the van a range sandwiches, hot sausage and bacon rolls!

For fruit and veg deliveries try

If anyone else has details of other tradespeople who deliver, then let us know.



Bell Ringers Wanted

Bell-RingersThe sound of our church bells is something perhaps we take for granted. Imagine no bells for Sunday services or weddings and Christmas.  And for the time being not even the joyous sound of their weekly practice which has had to be suspended.

According to a long term bell ringer, Tom Otley, "Hopefully, we will reassess future practice sessions and to refresh our recruitment campaign later in the year."

Tom Otley: 01672 516506 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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