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Marlborough Neighbourhood Plan


Notes of the second informal consultation regarding possible housing sites held in Minal on 9 September 2019


Informal public consultations were made during  July 2019 in Marlborough and in the parishes participating in the Neighbourhood Plan regarding the proposed approaches to be made in the Plan, and to specified sites that could be earmarked for stated community needs.    Following the Minal consultation on 24 July 2019, in which two potential sites for housing were discussed, two further sites were offered.  The Steering Group felt that this merited further consultation, so a second public session was set up on Monday 9 September, in which maps were made available showing all four sites.

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Minal Munch



Even 'though Bake Off is now off our screens, come along and taste some of the offerings available at the Minal Munch. A cup of tea, a piece of home made cake and a chat with your friends and neighbours. Yes, the Minal Munch is back at the village hall. 

Pictured left to right are some of our Minal star bakers: Lucia Mutch, Anna Whitehead, Mamta Canning and Emma Gagen.

While other of our village bakers include Lisa Coomber, Sarah Foard, Ann Evans.

The Munch was run by Gilly and Derek Price for many years and all of us enjoyed going to it. When the Price’s decided to stop we asked them if we could run it instead, and they happily agreed. We have now been going over a year. Everyone in the village is very welcome to come and pop in at anytime whilst the Munch is on for a free cuppa and a piece of cake. 



Minal Comes Second in Wiltshire's Best Kept Village Competition


Although we didn't quite make it this time, we can all be proud that our village made it to second place in the overall "Winners of Winners" section of Wiltshire's Best Kept Village Competition.  

"This is a lovely village, well away from major roads and enjoying a charming location beside the river Kennet. There are several attractive buildings and it all has a very pleasing appearance

We admired the beautiful church and a very well kept churchyard and parking area.

The childrens playground is brilliant and must be the envy of villages around Wiltshire. We also admired the cricket pitch and sports field and appreciate the effort that goes into keeping them to such a high standard.

The village hall seemed good and well kept though perhaps the exterior could do with some more upkeep

The pub looked excellent and had delightful garden

We noted a commendable absence of litter and a most adequate provision of waste bins to ensure the village is kept tidy.

There are evidently many activities taking place in the village displayed on the good website 

This is a most delightful village and we admired it greatly. If we did not give full marks it was only because the standard set by all the villages was so high."



Acoustics at the "Shoe"


The last Friday of the month is a regular event for music lovers at the Horseshoe.

This is a popular, monthly open mic event where new, developing and seasoned musicians, sing, jam or just rock along. It is open to all talents, existing, seasoned or aspiring. 

Just bring along your voice or instruments - a PA, mics and funky house band is provided. 

Or just come along, have a drink or several and lend them your ears.



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